Kohanim remind me of zombies

kohanimIn the middle of birchas kohanim this year I burst out laughing, to myself of course, but I started recalling all of the zombie movies I have seen in my life while glancing up at the few kohanim standing at the front facing the congregation arms outstretched and swaying slightly and they oyoy yied through the service.

As usual the kohanim were not a choir and sounded more like zombies, in fact they kind of sounded like the zombies from the movie Shaun of the Dead (see it if you haven’t) and I started wondering if kohanim call it quits after they realize that their voices might be hurting more folks then they were helping.

I also came to the conclusion that the reason that they covered themselves with talesim was because it would help them be unrecognizable to the folks who were peeking out from behind their siddurim and talesim. You didn’t want your kid pointing to some guy in the street and saying “hey isn’t that the kohane with a horrible voice?”