What food did you crave most on Pesach?

We were in the front seat of my car staring at each other in a loving way, I wasn’t sure who would make the first move. I had never really done this before and as many of you know the first time is always awkward , especially in the tight confines of a 1992 Camry. Would the memory last forever? Or would I be constantly reminded of the cold and dark feeling of the crammed corners on that wind swept and snowy night.

My car was parked away from everyone for privacy, marking that momentous event and my partner and I did not care to be disturbed. I gently caressed her on all sides, and shivered as I wiped the wetness from my hands on to the seat cushions. She was cold as well, but shivering reminded us of what we were about to do.

Just do it, my mind screamed and yet my hands, fully caressing her contours could not bring myself to actually take the plunge. I shivered, stared out the window and then back at her lovingness. Finally I decided it was now or never.

I grabbed my utensil and dug deep into her creamy insides. It felt good all over and I was reminded of a warm summer night many years back when I had first met her, when I realized that there was life after Haagen Daaz, that was when Ben, Jerry and I formed a lasting relationship, and this was the my first pint, my virgin whole pint in one sitting and felt great.