Gebrokts crisis: some say snorting matzo is the best way

snorting-matzo-mealOnce again I am amazed by what comes out of the Charedi world, the latest is a gebrokts scare. Apparently Rabbonim are saying that matzo could become leavened in your mouth and even though many Charedim dry their mouths with towels before eating their requirement of matzo it is simply not enough (and could lead to the melacha of schita) and so a couple of Rabbis are urging people to snort their required amounts of matzo.

I know it sounds insane, but they are even saying that snorting the matzo may leaven it as well – but since you aren’t eating it, that is fine. Kind of like the movement for matzo sepositories that was started several years back.

Some folks are angry because snorting matzo may lead other Yidden to go astray and start snorting drugs, but I highly down this because snorting matzo doesn’t seem all that fun – I do imagine that some device will need to be created to grind the matzo into a fine powder after it is broken for hamotzi during the seder.

As always I would like to thank Yeshiva World News and Vos Iz Neias for helping me blog about the insanities of the frum world.