What’s the deal with those annoying Breslov book guys?

breslov-booksIf you have ever eaten in a fast food restaurant in the New York Metro area you have encountered those annoying Breslov guys that give you stacks of little white books from finding a soulmate (they give those when your on a date) to making money, no matter what you do you cannot escape the Breslov book guys.

I one time told them that I would give them tzedaka if they didn’t give me any books, I got up to go to the bathroom and sure enough when I came back there was a stack of books I would never look at. In fact I am troubled because my car is full of soggy Breslov books that I am not sure what to do with, can I just throw them out, or are they holy?

Does anyone even use these books? Or are they just a waste of paper? Why can’t they give me something useful like a set of English Mishna Bruras or something.

I love Mendy Pellin and my friend Adam I found the following brilliantly hilarious Mendy Pellin video about this topic.