Why my first seder was so funny

My first nights seder was hilarious but only because me and my two friends are sickos and every time there was some sort of drug or sex reference we went a bit nuts. There were two specific moments that if they weren’t so sick we could have sent them to hall mark to make cards out of and one of them was an inside joke only made funnier by recent events.

The host of the seder came out wearing a box, in big letters was written seder in a box. Just the night before my buddy and I were wandering around You Tube and we watched for the second time the infamous Justin Timberlake video called D— in a box, I am sure many of you have seen this video – which due to its nature I cannot link here but needless to say we almost choked on our matzo as everyone else wondered what on earth was so funny.

Then there was some sort of devar torah infused conversation which led someone to ask the following question. “I cant think of any hole in the body which you could fit a fist through” and so we laughed along with one other girl at the table. Immature I know, but our laughter definitely made us feel free.