Charedi man in Israel protests store selling chametz on Pesach – Naked!!!

charedi-stripperCharedi yeshiva student Aryeh Yerushalmi stripped nearly naked in a supermarket in Tel Aviv to protest the sale of hametz (bread and other leavened grain products) in the store during Passover. He had a strategically placed sock on as well.

Unlike the commenter’s on the article from Vos Iz Neias who as always decried the event as a chillul Hashem which it may have been, but I think its hilarious and a push in the right direction.

I doubt this man realized what he was doing for the entire Charedi movement by giving them a different way to protest other than their traditional violent protests with garbage burning. Of course I can imagine what would happen if it were a Charedi women with strategically placed socks, but hey all is good.

I am sort of looking forward to mass naked Chassid rally, but not in the gay sense, just in the funny sense.