Its link dump time

Every once in a while I feel like throwing some links up to a few new blogs or websites I have found, been told about or added to the blogroll, if you would like to exchange blogroll links by all means send me an email.

Daas Hedyot has a very interesting and compelling interview with a bais yaakov girl that left Judaism – it is very long, well written and in great detail, better know a kofer series.

Someone wrote today that I should go out with a blogger by the name of
Curious Jew, her blog is quite intriguing and oh so random. So thank you to commenter CMA who wrote that in the comments of a post.

My friend started a blog over at The Talmudist and he is a prolific writer who writes everything from his funny yeshiva experiences to existential angst to Kafka and tidbits from everywhere, he has also edited some of my work for publication.

This religious girl from Northern Idaho just linked to me and I am very curious to see what she has to say, interesting because I was just in Northern Idaho last year on the way to Spokanne for shabbos. Big fan of Idaho in general and curious about what she has to say.

In the nuthouse, written by some girl named Ilana was sent to me by a fan and I must say it is quite an interesting and funny read.

Confessions of a shidduch dater is one of those here today gone tomorrow blogs, but it is very good and its few posts are worth reading.

I have been reading a lot of Mashable lately because it is the blog to keep you up to date on marketing yourself through social networks.

If you want to see edited works of mine written for a wider audience check out my stuff on

I hope to set aside a time every week for links after Pesach and will talk about it when the time is right.