Do many people organize their lives around niddah schedules?

mikvah-niddahI have no idea how it came up in discussion, but I was at an oneg recently which had a bunch of married and unmarried men around my age and this one guy mentioned that he organizes his entire life around his wife’s niddah calendar. This guy is not a newly married individual, he has been married for 5 years with kids and this fact was mighty impressive. I guess I always hear about sexless marriages in the frum community that revolve around kugel making and diaper changing, that I never thought anyone followed this practice.

I didn’t really get to ask around as if to see if this guy is one in a million, but I joked with him about how his organizational skills must have gone way up since he started paying attention to the calendar in such detail. If he doesn’t go to shul often he probably never misses yaale vayavo and he probably knows when all those random holidays like Boxer Day are.

In fact he organizes trips around when his wife is a niddah or not. In a way niddah must make men crazy about sex or for it. I guess I am just one curious dude, because I never really got to participate in this whole undercover point of Jewish life.

On the flip side of this was a conversation I overheard about wives letting their husbands looking at porn while they are a niddah and that is for another time, stay tuned….