Are you annoyed when people ask – what do you do?

big_macher_yiddish_t_shirt-p235628472978149649ohjt_400What do you do?

You can always tell someone is a New Yorker when they pop that question before they even ask for your name. It is quite rude according to many, although I do not share these same views.

While at a wedding last night, several people came up to me and asked me to write about the rudeness of the question “what do you do?” but I don’t find it that annoying. If I ask the question it means the person I am sitting with is boring enough to lead the conversation towards work matters which are rarely interesting unless you meet someone in your field, or someone with a job that entails diving off oil rigs into the gulf of Mexico to try and weld some broken pipes.

Real estate and finance just don’t do it for me, neither do lawyers and nursing home administrators, all it does is cause me to turn my attention back to the pickle and olive plate and ignore these people.

Many out of towners find the question to be the most rude thing you could when meeting someone, but I just find it boring and a sign that the person talking to me is lacking in other areas. Someone asked me why people don’t ask what you do for fun and that’s simple – because most people will find your hobbies boring.

Once in a rare while you meet a fellow Jew with interesting hobbies, but most of the time the answer to that question is something like – I like sports, TV and going twitter, not really the same as ice fishing and collecting old mandolins, which would probably be boring to many of you.

What do you think?