Vos Iz Neias commenters are nuts

I am convinced that Vos Iz Neias is the heimishe version of the New York Post, they copy and paste a bunch of regular articles from CNN and Huffington post and then like clockwork every 10 articles or so is placed there to get your attention and piss you off, or some people off.

Every time there is more then 10 comments you can be sure that some sort of argument consisting of an Us vs Them mentality is taking place. Usually consisting of some sort of story not that has someone that isn’t orthodox which leads to a 100 comment discussion on why a heimishe news site has a story about frei or goyishe people, its quite funny.

Here are some of my own examples:

For instance a story about a family killed in a car crash would elicit comments like:

But were they frum?

Yidden shouldn’t participate in such dangerous activities such as driving

I heard that the mother wasn’t covering her hair so it serves her right

I heard they wore knit yarmulkes and they aren’t frum

Hurricane hits the coast of Cuba:

Don’t worry no Jews were hurt

Cuba is communist why do we care?

I heard one of the people killed was frum but he doesn’t wear a hat to shul so its fine

Frum man caught red handed molesting a boy:

Are they sure he was frum?

I don’t believe it

Frum people don’t do such things, where’s the proof

I heard that he didn’t give a donation to his kids yeshiva and they framed him

Treife hot dogs found in kosher store:

They weren’t treife they only had an OU

OU is treife

How can you read VIN all they publish is loshon harah?

The internet is assur I implore you all to leave now

I was at the store and the hot dogs weren’t treife, its just a rumor

Well if you were there say your name so we can prove it

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