is a website for orthodox adulterers

I was going to write about this yesterday, I had a whole post explaining that thousands of Jews would have never known about if Vos Iz Neias hadn’t published the NY Post article yesterday basically saying they needed a good juicy posts so they could have a lot of shocked people, it was juicy, but it sounds so fake and as always I have my own conspiracy theories about the site.

For everyone who has no idea what I am talking about, is a website supposedly created by an “orthodox” man from Brooklyn who wanted to provide a place for other religious Jews to meet each other for extra-marital affairs. Shocking you may say, although after all the stories of wife swapping I hear from the five towns and Flatbush I would say its a long time coming, although I wonder why anyone would pay $99 when they could go to craigslist for free.

The following is from the about us section of is a site for married people who are looking for love and affairs outside of their marriage. This is a site where you can speak and interact with married man and women with out jeopardizing your marriage and get support from other married men and women who seek the same. This is a site where you can concentrate on men and women of the jewish community, and meet like minded people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to do this.

“” was created by a Jewish couple from the NY area, after they realized that there is many in the community who are looking for a site like this one. This was created mostly due to the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of jewish people who are miserable in their marriage or just need a little something extra , and looking for a fling, love or one-night-stand, but don’t want to jeopardize their relationship. will allow you to lead a normal life and enjoying it as you go along. HOWEVER, YOU DONT HAVE TO BE JEWISH TO BE A VIP ON THIS SITE, AS A MATTER OF FACT SOME JEWISH WOMEN PREFER NON-JEWISH MEN AS ONE-NIGHT STANDS AND AFFAIRS.

On “” no one will see your pictures when they log on. All the pictures that you upload is held in a private gallery on our system, and only the people you grant access to, will be able to view your photos, the others will only see a blank photo shadow. This is meant to protect your identity and to be a VIP member with us wuth full confidence.

This entire about us section made me realize something, first of all I think the site is a scam.’s about us section is very amateurish but also with the invitation extended to non-Jews it really doesn’t make it much different then say Jdate or Craigslist, tons of people are looking for love and extra-marital affairs on both those sites.

The other thing to think about is this, who knows who runs this site. I wouldn’t trust a site like this in a million years, it is so ghetto and generic – it could have been started by a bunch of frum thugs who want to make money by blackmailing all of the members when the time comes. I am not an investigative journalist, but it would be interesting for someone to look into the site to see how real it really is.

If its real, it may good that people are taking longer to get married, for there may be a marriage crisis rather then a shidduch crisis.

Oh and their pictures are so random – like it might as well be e-harmony or something

Oh and Shmuely Boteach who wrote Kosher Adultery was saddened by all of this…

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