New Cleaner Theme for Frum Satire

I know some of you definitely thought you entered the twilight zone when you typed my site in, but fear not my friends – this has been a long time coming. My other theme was, cluttered at best and completely disoragnized at worst and I hated it. I wanted something clean cut and easier to navigate – Less Is More and thats exactly what this new theme is going to be.

I am in the process of tweaking things out to make it more user friendly, and over the next few days shall be working with someone on doing this.

I have changed the theme many times and every time I change it people go crazy, as is expected whenever change happens. Comments or ideas are always appreciated, I chose the two columns on the side so that I can maximize advertising space without clutter, so far it looks nice and works nicely.

Just want to thank Dani from Social City Marketing for creating the new site and working with me on it, we literally did this in just a few hours. Show your love or hat and shoot him out an email if you need some design or marketing work done for you at