Jewish Bloggers writing books

I have been thinking about writing a book for a long time, something of a memoir, maybe combining my yeshiva years and day school years into a raw and up front look at my life. I have what may amount to a small book in unpublished writings that would probably be somewhat of a yeshiva memoir.

I have been asked on many occasions to self-publish some sort of compilation of my best posts and photographs into a small book that people could purchase online. The naysayers always tell me that no one would want to buy a book of something they could read online for free, and the bookie types tell me that people would love to just have it lying around to show their friends on shabbos.

One of the master J-bloggers Dov Bear recently published his own book featuring his ideas on the parsha called Dov Bear on the Parsha. I am actually thinking of shelling out the money, just because I think its super cool that a J-Blogger published a book, especially someone as controversial as Dov Bear.

Now the real reason I haven’t self published a compilation book is because editing 80 pages of material is just one big headache I really don’t want to deal with, unless someone wants to be an editor of a whole bunch of posts???