This week was a good one for hate mail

As far fetched as it may seem I miss the inordinate amounts of hate mail I used to receive when I first started the blog. People didn’t really know whether I was an off the derech kid bashing or if I was an anti-Semite or if I just had an ax to grind, I was none of these – but people love to assume – and not give their fellow Jew the benefit of the doubt. This week I received 3 negative emails, which i nothing compared to the 30-50 complimentary emails and facebook messages I receive on a weekly basis, I wish the hate mail would start adding up but its not. I wanted to bring you the hate mail messages:

I am a proud Jew who is not disgusted of himself and i just wanna say to you that i am truly embarrassed sickened that we have self hating Jews as yourself amongst us, aren’t you sick with yourself for the way you shed light on a fellow Jew??? you may as well just call yourself a Nazi, its hard for me to believe that you are a Jew!!!! you gotta be kidding to be calling yourself a comedian!?!?!?

Not really hate mail – but good negative feedback: Which I appreciate
I first found about your blog when I watched the shidduch dates in the marriot video on youtube -(which was very funny btw) I read your blog every so often because I love a good laugh, and I find some posts very funny and so true. However I notice how you sort of “bash” or belittle what you refer to as “frummies”. I wonder whats the story behind that? Why are people who are more religious than you regarded like idiots and made fun of all the time? It bothers me because I would enjoy your humor so much more without all the negativity and everything….
But otherwise I like your style and keep making people smile (without the expense of others!)

From an idiot who obviously doesn’t read the comments:
I saw an ad in my shul that you were coming to town and decided to check out what you were all about. I was looking at your website and came upon this post-

I must say, how disgusting of you! I happen to know that guy, i went to yeshiva with him, i know the stories they say about him and you go and make fun of him? You put up a picture of him? Do you even know him? Let alone, you post a picture, if you point your mouse to the picture it even says his name!!!! Then someone points out to you who he is and you leave it up and laugh it off?

Mr friend, you call yourself a frum yid with a warped perspective. i think you are a warped goy without a frum perspective! Your site has nothing but lashon hora on it! How bout that for someone who calls themselves a frum yid. Non-stop lashon hara!

Like i said i was planning on coming to your show and im not going to tell you which one that is….lets put it this way, you have never been here before and im sure you would love to make a good impression. I will check back in a day or two and if that post is still up with that picture, prepare yourself to travel all the way here only to speak your loshen hara to an empty room! I will make sure the people here know what an am ha-aretz you really are and how shtus like this should not be allowed in a makom torah like we have here.

Yours truly,

A frum yid, with a Jewish, frum perspective

I just wanted to respond to the above email message:

This dude thinks I was making fun of that guy, but the guy I put up was the only good yeshiva bochur/guy picture I could find on google images which is the largest photo sharing site on the web. The post was not about this person in any way shape or form, but I did find it funny that several people told me he is a registered sex offender – I never said anything in the post about him – but people who are not dan l’kav zchus like the person above deserve a response. I kind of hope he tells everyone not to show up – because that would make for a way better story – and maybe I can finally be put in cherem.

If you have any hate mail or fan mail please send all correspondence to