How many text messages do you send per month?

I was talking to someone a while back when the topic of text messaging came up, I just recently added 200 text messages to my phone bill for $5, because prior to this people thought I was reciving their messages and I wasn’t. He told me that he sent and received 14,000 text messages last month! My immediate reaction was, how is this possible? My secondary reaction was that based on the amount of time it took me to send one simple message, 14,000 of them would take all month to produce.

Well I guess I am behind the times, because if you thought cell phones made getting in touch with your friends easy and impersonal, text messages have made a conversation via cell phone personal again. I remember when it was so hard to reach people, I didn’t have a cell phone for 3 years after it seemed like everyone had one so people valued my time, and when I finally bought one – I kept it off most of the time.

Now text messaging has created this whole new culture, kind of what twitter has done to blogging. Its quick its easy and apparently if your not on my crappy plan, included in your contract free. I am sure it has changed the way shidduch dates are organized as well. Now you can probably text a girl instead of calling her, making it that less painful and easier to accept or reject a girl.

I recently looked at my fathers cell phone and found over 1000 unread text messages, many of importance that he has no idea how to look at.

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