Why do women swoon for Oh Nuts?

Several months ago, my friend from Monsey asked me if I was doing anything for the weekend, I was already in Albany and told him he was welcome to come up for the shabbos if he wanted. As stated in previous posts bring several different things to people for shabbos host gifts. Either I bring flowers, the one or two levels up from the cheapest kind – usually from the grocery store – mostly because flower shops are hard to find. Or I bring wine, either Maoscato Diasti or dry red depending on what I think the people will like. Or, I find a crazy glass item from the back of Marshalls or TJ Maxx and give it to them. I have never brought or even thought about binging candy or nuts, until that shabbos, when my friend brought a small package from Oh Nuts!

Even though this is a paid advertisement, I actually had a lot of fun writing it – and it is a true story!

When my friend showed up with suit bag in one hand and an extended hand with a candy filled package from Oh Nuts! in the other, the women in the house literally swooned, I have never seen such a reaction from a shabbos gift before, it was just chocolate covered nuts and some colorful candy, but it made me think twice about the gifts I have been bringing.

Maybe the way to women’s hearts was through bringing Oh Nuts! gifts? I had always thought the famed blue bottle of Moscato Diasti was the way to a women’s heart (no I wasn’t trying to get them drunk) simply because they felt like they were drinking champagne and that many people only drank kedem grape juice until their guests brought them something to spruce up their kiddush collection.

The Oh Nuts! store in Cedarhurst is like a kosher version of Willy Wonkas factory, any candy you want or wanted but thought was made of gelatin or some other chemical that wasn’t kosher somehow magically appears at Oh Nuts!

Lucky for me, my old man just moved to the area and I am going back west for Pesach, these two events could not have come at a more opportune time, because you see, the only things I really eat on pesach are candy and chocolate, since I always need stuff to keep me going and seasons sardines never seem to live up to their fish oil fantastic promises.

Oh Nuts! has the largest selection of Passover Cakes around, and judging from previously tasting their Passover Candy and kosher for Passover Chocolate, I guarantee that their cakes won’t taste like that almond or coconut cake that seems to overpopulate every out of town super market in their shoebox size pesach sections.

So head on over to Oh Nuts! for all of your Pesach Cake and Pesach Candy needs..