Facebook Stalkers

Having 2400 friends on Facebook has its perks, I can conduct shidduch back round checks for the entire Brooklyn, find shidduchim and reconnect with people I met once while on a field trip in pre-1A (for all those non frummies- this is between kindergarten and 1st grade) Facebook also offers a chance for those who have a keen fascination with me to bursh up on their stalking abilities. I don’t have too many stalkers, I have had some in the past, but I really think that classifying people as stalkers on Facebook has gotten out of hand.

Just because someone comments on a bunch of your pictures doesn’t mean they are a stalker, you put the pictures up for people to see didn’t you? There are some very annoying people who feel the need to chat with me every time they notice me on Facebook chat – its overbearing sometimes, due to the fact that Facebook chat doesn’t allow you to say you are busy. Just because its annoying doesn’t mean they are stalking you. Then you have those people that send you tons of gifts and applications, yes its annoying but can we really call them stalkers?

I would rather call them admirers, I have people who make a comment on every picture and every post for a month, they proceed to engage in fruitless chat conversations that center around how you are doing “nothing much” at the time of chat. Then I get several emails about how awesome my blog is and then never hear from them again, I always wonder if your going to go through all that trouble – just ask me out.

But of course I do have stalkers, stalkers are fun most of the time, they will even admit it sometimes. I have this one girl who chats me on Aim, Gtalk, phone and facebook under all different names – I have had people email me on Frumster and Facebook and Email at the same time but not admit they were the same person, that’s a bit odd, but hey no one said stalkers were normal.

My favorite stalkers are the ones that are up front about it, sometimes it results in a date. but more often then not it results in them stopping their stalking and never talking to me again.

I just think that stalking is a bit harsh when they may just be doing what the site was made for, oh wait, Facebook was made for stalkers.