Charedim ban the story of Esther

Vos Iz Neias reported earlier in the day that many folks in the Charedi “frummer than you” movements have decided to stop telling the story of Esther because its simply untznius. They have debated this issue for years, but only after the proliferation of colorful untznius Queen Esther purim costumes have the rabbonim decided to ban telling the story of Esther in any situation – except for from the klaph during shul, and even then they have decided to call upon the fastest megillah readers in the world so that no one transgresses any lavim by thinking of Esther.

Esther is known as one of the hotties from Jewish tradition and the entire story is sexual, we cannot allow this and all of the rabbonim agree. How can we explain to our children that Esther actually slept with achashvarosh? How can we explain that Esther was beautiful on the outside without making them feel bad that they themselves are not as beautiful as her, beauty itself is such gashmiyos and we cannot teach out children this.