Lipa Schmeltzer vs. Britney Spears

Lipa Schmeltzer is the biggest thing in Jewish Music since the demise of 2 Live Jews, and like 2 Live Jews I am not sure how many people out side of the orthodox Jewish community actually know who Lipa Schmeltzer is. I was thinking about how similar Lipa Schmeltzer and Britney spears are, mostly because of the Britney and Lipas shaved heads and their photographs of them wearing nude stockings, nah, Lipa Schmeltzer doesn’t wear stockings and Britney doesn’t really wear anything, but here is my comparison between Lipa Schmeltzer and Britney Spears.

Britney and Lipa both have shaved heads. They also both come from the variety of folks who wear stockings, or very high socks. Lipa and Britney both have peyos, you may recall the Britney Spears video Hit Me Baby One More Time in which Britney Spears dressed up as an untznius bais yaakov girl with pigtails.

Did you see the picture of Lipa Schmeltzer from the Big Event? Take a closer look and you will see that he is wearing a very similar microphone to the kind that Britney Spears wears. They are both embroiled in nasty politics, Britney with her husband and Lipa with his community. Lipa and Britney both learn kaballah. They both sing to mostly single sex audiences and don’t play any instruments.

Lipa and Britney concerts both cost a ton, but I wonder how many scalpers show up for a Lipa event?

Reasons why I am full of crap:

Lipa Schmeltzer wears a bekishe, tzitzis and a hat while Britney Spears tries to run around naked.

Britney concerts do not feature a mechitza.

You cannot find any naked pictures of Lipa Shmeltzer online, while Britney Spears seems to be more a porn star than a singer.

The gematria of Lipa and Britney are completely different.

Britney Spears is much easier to pronounce then Lipa Schmeltzer or is it Shmeltzer?