Frum Escort Service

Sometimes I wonder if girls just want the feeling of being out on a date with someone they can show off at the local shidduch hot spot. I wonder if some girls are so ugly or nebach that they cant find a date, and would pay for a shidduch date. No, I am not talking about paying for the guy to eat, I am talking about literally paying a guy to take them out to have that feeling of “maybe this is the guy”.

I would call it a frum escort service, even to take it a step further, would be to pay for this guy to out with your friend, you can organize it like a whole shidduch and the guy comes to pick her up at the house with the parents asking him questions and everything. He could be the perfect guy and she could be the nebach girl who cant get dates.

Pricing could go so far as to pay the guy to go out on multiple dates, as to give the girl the excitement of being “busy” think about it, some girls go for years without a second date. Or you could pay the guy to mess up so it gives the girl empowerment to dump him.

This frum escort service seems like a good idea to me.