Parshas Terumah devar torah

T’rumoh – The Connection

Many people constantly occupy themselves with nonsense. On a daily basis they make the choice to utilize their energies for things that do not help them, or the people closest to them, to achieve proper growth. Some of the people who choose a path that can enable growth end up traveling in a direction that is contrary to that goal.

To be in direct flow with an existence that has no form or shape is not something that a human can experience and live with. Spiritual powers were created to give people a way to connect without completely losing themselves. The “appearance” of a separation was created so that a person can feel elevation to a spiritual source. Connection can occur through any part of the person as well as with their entire being.

The idea of connection can be expressed by constructing an edifice. People also have the ability of making themselves into a spiritual dwelling place of the Creator. Although no form or shape is needed in this connection, many people need to see or feel it through some type of tangible manifestation.

Movement in creation is expressed via messages and messengers. To connect or disconnect people utilize words, pictures, signs, sensors, intuition, angels, emotions or thoughts, When we truly become one with something, the connection is direct i.e. there is no need for intermediaries.

The fact that people use intermediaries between themselves and God, the Creator or the source is an indication that they do not know how to connect directly. There are various ways that people connect yet because the ultimate source is boundless and beyond the scope of our definitions, for many the attempt seems like a futile occupation.

In Exodus (25:1-2) there are three types of connection. And you shall take me, an offering (T’rumoh), from each person that donates his heart, you shall take my offering. And this is the offering that you shall take from them, etc.

T’rumoh means separation and elevation – connecting through the ups and downs in life.

The sentence can be read – And you can acquire me directly, (1) through elevation (this is a direct connection, not through messengers or angels, something that most people have no ability to do).

(Or) from each person that they (the whole person) connect (2) with pure heart, you will acquire my connection (the pure heart is an offering and connection to me).

And (3) this is the offering that you shall take from them (those who cannot connect fully with the heart, but may nullify themselves to the Creator). There various ways of connecting to the Creator. Each characteristic in a person, the desires, animalistic aspects, plant elements or inanimate elements, has its own unique soul vibration of connection.

Humans are connected with all elements in existence. That is why many people worship or connect with the elements in creation (both spiritual and physical). Their choice of expression defines how they connect with the Creator in creation.

The Hebrew word Korban is translated as sacrifice. The word actually means to come closer. Sacrifice is lowest vibrational translation of the word. It is this negative depiction that has been perpetuated in religious teachings.

The building of a temple as described in the Torah incorporates many details, which are all reflective of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual attributes of a person. Thus building a temple for the Creator to dwell in refers to building a sanctuary within each person. And they shall make for me a sanctuary, and I will dwell in them (in each person) (Exodus 25:8).

External structures are man made and therefore they only last for a period of time. The internal comes from beyond the limitations of the physical structure. If we focus now on our personal internal being which is one with all existence we can become more in tune to the future.

The future opens a connection that is beyond the spiritual and physical definitions that we have been limited to. It is when we become open to beyond our definitions and we see it within all aspects of existence that we are ready to transcend our present space. Then together we all automatically become one. It is oneness that is constant because we see and live it.

It is time for everyone to jostle his or her inner sensibilities. Only when we are really listening and looking for direction can true progress occur. We can find the information and instructions everywhere in nature. It screams to us from the very elements that we require in order to survive; from the air, land and water that we have abused even as we expect them to nurture us endlessly.

Once we become acutely responsive to the exact directives that we are given, we will truly be on our way. Only when we act on our responsibility to assist each other to accomplish everything (and thus reduce their complexity to simplicity by establishing our collective pure connection with the one true source) shall we prevail. At that time all the difficulties will have disappeared and we will live life with our full potential revealed.