Book Review: Losers by Matthue Roth

Matthue Roth is one of my favorite people to talk to, so I was obviously super excited to receive his latest book, Losers in the mail, it was free – and I promised to do a book review, but then I started panicking, what if the book sucked? What if it was good but I didn’t like it? Should I be honest and tell the truth? Or should I just make up some sappy BS book review in order to retain my friendship with Matthue?

I did neither, I just let the book sit there for several weeks until one night when I couldn’t sleep I picked up the small yellow paperback and began. I was soon presently surprised and in one sitting I read the entire book and immediately sent him and email that it was super enjoyable.

Losers is basically a fictional memoir type book. It stars Jupiter Glazer and takes place in Philadelphia, where we see the life of Jupiter, a nerd who just entered high school and can’t figure out how to get chicks. It kind of reminded me of my own high school existence, when I would take a casual pat on the back from someone of the opposite sex and blow it up into a broom closet make out fantasy.

Jupiter is a Russian Jewish emigrant and his accent is thick, causing his teachers to miscommunicate and people to make fun of him. Kind of reminded me about my grade school stuttering issue, sub stories about geeks and girls throughout the book is an easy and simple read.

Jupiter becomes popular overnight, when he attends a party of the most popular girl in school and everyone seems to love him. Its one of those books that they need to make a cheesy teen movie about – except its not cheesy and I think everyone can enjoy it.

I enjoyed it more because I knew the other was a Chassidic guy that I happened to know, the twists and turns are great as well as the scenery, the scenes that take place in hipster coffee shops and the music from record shops with cool people talking about the Dead Kennedy’s.

If you want a quick, light and hilarious read this book is for you. If you were ever bullied, considered a nerd or enjoy smart comedy I would also recommend this book.