Would video conference Shidduch Dating work?

A fan of mine from Israel gave me the idea and I began to wonder how effective it would be to have a shidduch date video conference style. No, its not the real thing, but it does work better then traditional phone conversations because you actually get to see the person. If the idea of this can take off, so many people could save long distance drives and flights who do long distance dating.

Of course some potential problems such as, unwillingness to do anything but video date due to laziness could come up. Imagine if you rejected a girl after a video date, it would be so convenient, almost too convenient!

I could imagine the Rabbis being split on whether or not this is tznius, since you will be in yichud with this person, even though you couldn’t actually touch them, you could do far worse because no one was around. Its also untznius because if you are truly frum you would never have the internet in your house anyway, and would have to go to a public place to do this, and the girl may be seen by others.

I already know people who talk to girls via skype and while they don’t consider that to be a date, it beats talking on the phone and email and then meeting them to find zero attraction. I wonder if girls put on makeup before going on skype.

Or you could make a video marketing yourself – this was an old video – one of my first.

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