The most diverse yeshiva in Israel

Apparently Pardes is not just a coed yeshiva in Israel, but an Indian Film from 1997 as well

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You thought YCT was open, well Pardes takes openness from a yeshiva perspective and blows every other program out of the water in this department. First off, its coed, I wish I knew about this when I went to do some yeshiva study in Israel, coed yeshiva would have erased the need to go binge drinking on Ben Yehuda (I never did this, but I contemplated it)

“Much more than a co-ed Yeshiva, Pardes in Jerusalem offers a variety of educational Israel programs for college and post-college young people interested in Beit Midrash study in an open environment. We welcome students of all Jewish backgrounds and belief systems, including Jews who are unaffiliated, Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and post-denominational.”

Sounds good to me, I wish there were more programs that offered studying opportunities for those who wanted to learn more about their fellow Jews, its kind of like going to college – except in this situation you are learning various Torah subjects.

So if your looking for a more open environment made up of multiple types of Jews, check out Pardes and their range of summer program and year round academic offerings.