Kosher Delight used to have the best fries

But the other night to my unpleasant surprise I realized that they changed and went to the obviously cheaper and more generic fat fries with mashed potato filling. I was horrified to say the least, so horrified that I made video to document my disgust. I then started wondering who really does have the best fries?

I particularly remember that Toronto as a city has the best fries, every pizza shop and restaurant has amazing fries, unlike NY where it is hit or miss. If you like real fries, just head over to Burgers Bar, but if you like crunchy skinny fries I definitely recommend Subsational and then newest on my list is Carlos and Gabbys which has McDonalds style fries – which Kosher Delight used to have. Then in the steak houses you get fries with the skins on em – which I happen to like as well.

I am sure one can go on and on all day about who has the best fries, but I am sure we can agree that based on the following video, Kosher Delight has those generic pizza store fries which never satisfy.