Google Maps image catches two yeshiva guys hitting on a girl

I thought the Chinese women dancing to Miami Boys Choir was random, but this may take the cake. Two different people sent me this link to google maps image which shows two yeshiva guys talking to a frum girl on 14th street in Brooklyn which was captured when the car taking google maps images passed by that street. The image is part of the google maps function that lets you see what the street looks like so you know what to look for.  How do you people find these things?

This google maps image is from 1125 East 14th street in Brooklyn, NY. The image could not be copied so click the link below. Its not so clear, but it seems that the guys are young and the girl is not married, the guy leaning on the car appears to be smoking and way to chilled of a posture for it to be his wife. It is not so clear if she has a sheitle on, but her long jeans skirt is pretty hot. But you folks can decide.

Google Maps image of Yeshiva guys talking to girl