Girls reject guys for being short, but guys cant reject them for being fat!

This is not a post about fat girls, lots of my fans are of the larger body type – I know this because practically everyone is obese these days. I myself have a stomach that makes me look like I’m pregnant. But it is a post about double standards. So all of you over weight people in the audience including my dear friends – do not be offended.

This conversation with a Saw You At Sinai shadchun transpired recently and was sent over by a fan who wished to remain anonymous.

Ok I understand.

I just don’t understand why it’s acceptable for girls to reject guys for being shorter than them (and also for not being wealthy or from rich families) but if a guy doesn’t want to go out with a girl due to her body type – why is it that we’re looked at as being shallow? Sounds very hypocritical to me. Sounds like a two way street here. I respect and understand her rationale for not wanting to go out, but it doesn’t seem very fair that a guy can’t reject a girl because her body type isn’t appealing to him. As Vice President Joe Biden would say “We’re talkin’ about fairness”.

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Sorry about the rejection- we as shadchanim can only try our best with trying to set ppl up. I know — personally and I know she is very machpid with a guy being taller than her as she is quite a tall girl herself. Hatzlacha, will try to send you other girls

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Hi, looks like she gave me the Heisman (the new yeshivish word for rejection)

Would you mind telling me why? I’m just curious. Believe me, if it’s physical it wont bother me. I had a girl walk off on a date when she saw I wasn’t 6 feet tall!