By the way, the soup your eating has been frozen for 6 months

I cannot tell you how many times I have been sitting at a shabbos table when the woman of the house points out that the food we are eating has been sitting in their freezer for 6 months. Its almost as if frummie women have contests to see who can serve older food.

I thought of this when my friends wife requested a deep freezer for her next present. I was expecting her to ask for diamond earings or a new shotgun, but the deep freezer was high on her list. She dreamed out loud of the bulk made soup and kugels which she could throw in the freezer like a Lakewood guy or Sylvestor Stalone in the Demolition Man.

In my mind she was actually saying “Imagine the look on my inlaws faces when I tell them they are eating previously petrified challah that was reconstituted from the DNA found on a challah cutting board”.

I thought to compare this to myself, I can rarely accept a compliment on an article of clothing without bragging about how little I paid for it. Its as if I buy clothing on clearance racks at Marshalls and TJMaxx just so I could brag.

So do women who just freeze food so they could shock us with their zip lock bag abilities.