Parshash Mishpotim devar torah

Mishpotim- Movement

The first movement is to flow with the flow of creation as it is connected to its source. Existing here and being connected with beyond keeps the flow and balance open. When that is blocked the imbalances seem to grow. Serving those who bend to the elements in this world confine us to those limitations and to their ultimate shortcomings.

How would you react if the oneness in existence was revealed today and you suddenly came to the realization that what you believed your entire lifetime to be the truth is actually false? Would you become angry? Would you blame yourself for not having seen the obvious? Would you feel betrayed or just totally confused?

It is simply amazing to observe how many people can see the same thing and yet perceive it differently. Some people can only process simple direction. Others have no ability whatsoever to see what is right in front of them. They have eyes but do not see, they have hearts but do not feel, they have ears but do not hear, they have brains but do not think.

Proper manners, respect, decency and honesty are all important qualities necessary to have a cooperative, working society. Yet, although civilization has progressed in some forms of knowledge, it is sorely lacking in these ethical traits. Laws are unenforceable because those for whom they are designated ignore them. People who do conduct themselves properly are the ones who usually suffer. The power mongers and the guilty continue to do what they want, thinking that they are “above the law.”

Assisting people by lending money to them is a process that has gone haywire. Charging interest and destroying borrowers when they are unable to pay back is unethical and ungodly. The Torah refers to the practice of charging interest as “neshech”, which means biting. Charging interest on loans is one of the accepted behaviors in society that ruins people’s lives.

Far too often what a person does right is connected with their ego instead of with power beyond. Recognizing self-worth is important to getting things done, but a pumped up ego is a limitation that blocks one’s way. There are people, who, although they are connected with a power beyond, are not balanced in this world. Working through an issue can free us from our bonds to that issue. However, we may become even more entangled as we further invest ourselves into the situation. These types of imbalances ultimately generate problems instead of solving them.

We live in a time and space where ego and other energies contrary to progress are constantly fighting to prevail, even as they (those negative forces) are approaching the day of their last breath.

Your soul, desire and possessions are on loan to you for a specific period of time. (Exodus 22:24) Through being an “ONI” – humble, you share yourself; you fulfill your responsibility to look after your soul so that when it is time to return it you can account for having cared for it properly.

When you will see the donkey of your enemy crouching under its load and you refrain from helping him, know that you should help him (Exodus 23:5). This sentence can be translated and explained in the following manner: ‘If you think that the physical matter is your enemy; that it is flowing downwards under its load (it is not accomplishing its higher purpose), and you hold back or cease from helping it, removing your attitude and the load will help (you should work with it to refine it, not to break it).’

There are also times when the Torah says that something is so bad that it is necessary to discard the good along with the bad. It requires eyes, ears and wisdom to know how to make the proper choices.

And Moshe took the blood and sprinkled it on (for) the people; and he said behold blood of the covenant that Hashem has made with you (Exodus 24:8). Rabbi Eliezer Ashkenazi (born 1505) writes in his book (Maasei Hashem, Maasei Torah chapter 10, Parshas Mishpotim 53:3) that he sprinkled on the people but not on Aharon, Nodov, Avihoo and the seventy elders. A person who understands in depth Godliness does not need to make a covenant because he sees the truth of Godliness.

Let us utilize the opportunities that are presented to us as we pursue who we are. Strive to remain connected with the source of all existence. Be also resolved and determined to assist all who come (to us) for direction in connecting to the One who sustains the flow and universal order.

May we all be blessed with the ability to discern what it is that we may keep – and what it is that we must discard. Do not allow arrogance to triumph over love. Be giving, kind, and sharing of the special gifts you have received. Only by doing so can we help in the creation of a cohesive society in which everyone is aware of his or her purpose and mission.

With Blessings to all.