I would have never noticed the strip club billboard

If every Jewish media outlet hadn’t talked about it non-stop since it went up over the Nassau Expressway on the way to the five towns and Far Rockaway. But my father recently moved to Far Rockaway and I have been shacking up with him in New York, so I have been trying to get a glimpse of the provocative billboard that is having Jewish groups in a tizzy.

I hear that the man who placed the billboard of a not-so tznius girl offered to take it down for a measly $5,000 but no one has come up with the money yet – leading me to think that frummies like to create a commotion just to have something to rally around. I thought 5 towns was made up of a bunch of rich people anyway – if they really cared they would have passed the pushka around already.

This is mostly because I have decided that Far Rockaway is the absolute place to live in America, its like Queens without any stores or nightlife, its really terrible, the only redeeming quality is not having to look for a spot to park. So I guess when theres nothing to do, people have to have something to do and ranting and raving about a “billboard with some naked chick on it that you wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t know what to look for” is it.

The first few times passing by the Platinum Club,  which is a strip club smack dab in the middle of everyone’s morning commute, I didn’t notice it at all – you have to pass the club in order to leave Far Rockaway and get to civilization, this makes it very unpopular with the frummy crowd that goes to strip clubs. But then someone told me where the sign was and I saw it, in all its glory, at least the girl is hot – it would have been a great scandal if she was a local Bais Yaakov graduate, but she’s just a regular blond bearing it all which is blocked out.

I guess I am all for freedom of speech, and naked chicks or course.