Is the shidduch crisis like the energy crisis?

When gas prices hit $4 a gallon I figured it was a real crisis. People could see and feel the crisis at the pumps and on their heating bills. But still rush hour raged on and I didn’t hop on the FDR drive one day to an empty highway devoid of all life besides for a bunch of liberal yuppies in their hybrid vehicles.

In fact I really haven’t noticed any difference from the days of yore when gas was $1.25 a gallon. I have noticed that the popular cars have gotten bigger and bigger and that people refuse to give u their SUV’s, rush hour is still a problem and the traffic never seems to be light no matter how much we hear about global warming and energy crisis.

I kind of feel the same way about the shidduch crisis. We have been talking about it for the last few years or so, but I never really see it. I would expect to walk into shul and half of the people don’t have talesim on and a bunch of single girls waiting behind the mechitza for their yeshiva bochur in shining armor. But this doesn’t happen.

Fact is I don’t notice any difference between now and before this so called shidduch crisis which receives so much attention from Charedi media outlets like Mishpacho Magazine and the Jewish Press. Unless I go to a “singles scene” I never really see singles.