Founder of TV network to bridge gaps between Americans and Muslims beheads wife

Once in a while hypocrisy is so blatant that it cannot go overlooked, you may be able to count the times I have spoken about Muslims on my site, but this story cakes the cake.

A man in Buffalo is being charged with the beheading of his wife because she wanted a divorce, don’t know why this guy would not have seen this as a blessing for she is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen, kind of looks like Michael Jackson in thriller.

Buffalo has been getting a lot of negative publicity lately, my uncle happens to live there so I feel their pain.

Here’s the story:

Hassan came to America from Pakistan 25 years ago and became a successful banker, but he and his wife were troubled by the negative perception of Muslims, Voice of America reported in 2004.

Speaking in December 2004, Hassan said his wife, then pregnant, was worried about that perception and “felt there should be an American Muslim media where her kids could grow up feeling really strong about their identity as an American Muslim.”

“So she came up with the idea and turned to me and said, ‘Why don’t you do it?’ ” he said. “And I was like, I have no clue about television. I’m a banker. … And her comment was, ‘You have an MBA. Why don’t you write a business plan?’ ”

Bridges TV began as a television network for Muslim-Americans, aimed at overcoming the negative stereotypes associated with the religion.

“There should be a Muslim media,” Muzzammil Hassan told VOA, “so that Muslim children growing up in America grow up with the self-confidence and high self-esteem about their identity both as Americans and as Muslims.”

In the past few years, according to a former employee who asked not to be named for fear of retribution, Bridges TV transformed itself into more of a cross-cultural network seeking to bridge the gap between all cultures. Most of their employees were not Muslim, the former employee said, and Muzzammil Hassan himself was not devout.

Aasiya Hassan filed for divorce February 6, police said, and Muzzammil Hassan was served with divorce papers at the station. That night, he showed up at the couple’s home, she notified authorities and he was served with a restraining order.

Police are not commenting on details of the crime, except to say the woman’s body did not appear to have been moved. They also would not divulge what Muzzammil Hassan told police or the suspected motive. The law firm representing Aasiya Hassan refused to comment, only confirming that she had filed for divorce.

It just seems a little funny to me, why go through all that work, just kill your wife. Beheading is quite tough unless you have a chain saw, and quite frankly, this guy doesn’t appear redneck enough to own one.