Why do the rabbis hate Lipa Sheltzer so much?

So a few weeks ago there was a another scandal or controversy involving Lipa Shmeltzer, I didn’t writer about because I didn’t find it all that funny or cool that this Rabbi Schorr while at a wedding where Lipa Shmeltzer was singing decided that it was avoda zaroh and publicly embarrassed Lipa – who it seems the Rabbis love to use as their poster child for all that is wrong in the Chassidic community – funny because the last time I checked this guy Lipa looked religious to me. Anyway if you really want to know what happened you can check out Chaim Rubins post on the topic.

The only reason I am writing about it, is because last night I found a similar video to the one that shows a mini-riot at a wedding, and although this second video isn’t actually the same thing – it was so funny and sad I had to show it to you anyway.

Rabbi Schorr pulls the mic away from Lipa and causes controversy (although I only think controversy was caused because Vos Iz Neias and Yeshiva World News linked the video. (the video sucks by the way)

The next video shows Eitan G being kicked off the chabad telethon because a more important guest has come on the show. It is actually kind of sad.