Parshas Yisro devar torah

Yisro – Listening

A leader must know how to and who to delegate work to since becoming one with each individual needing guidance would take up all his physical time. Clearly that would not leave enough time to assist all of the people who are in need. Delegation of responsibilities allows a leader to be a leader to all.

This is one of the defining qualities that separate a principal from the teachers who teach under his auspices. Many people can be great teachers. Yet not every great teacher has the ability to become a great principal, or leader. Choosing a leader who possesses great wisdom will likely insure that those who are part of his team will be effective guides.

The leader has his/her own individual journey. Most of that journey should be spent listening. The level (depth and profoundness) on which the leader can hear will determine how much he/she can help (or be helped by) others. If the leader is superficial, vague in details of direction, or consumed by ego, the end result will not be best for the people.

Each person has a journey. It is the job of the leader to assist in guiding the person in fixing their issues. Often he/she will be able to affect a temporary bridge (or fix) that should enable the person to move forward. However a good leader knows that it is not his/her business to be able to completely correct all of the person’s problems.

While receiving the necessary support, each person must be open to learning about the causes and cures of their own issues. Where growth is possible, the leader gives guidance. Where it is not, the temporary fix can offer hope that may either lead to growth or rebirth of a person’s raison d’etre for the period of time ascribed to them by the Creator. A good leader must acknowledge the limits of his/her capabilities and exercise good judgment in knowing when actions become futile.

When a leader chooses other leaders for the people it is important to remove the personal agendas of the people appointed. This creates leaders of various qualities who bring with them their personal gifts as well as their limitations.

The members of the Jewish high court in Israel had to be proficient in the spoken languages of the world so that if anyone came they could relate directly to the person and not need a translator.

Jethro (Yisro), which means he added, heard and came to connect with a direct flow of connection to the Creator. The feeling that he was extra was humbling and allowed him to go through a transformation to find his proper place in this existence.

Hearing and listening adds quality to life. The way we hear can create a transformational experience. Being too busy with oneself impedes a person’s ability to translate what they hear. This can prevent them from listening.

The deepest hearing is listening to where you are truly directly connected with the Creator.

There are always deeper lessons that a person can learn. However it is also important to be “simple”. Each person and element in existence is important to us because through any one of them we can see the Creator. That place may be beyond present logic and reasoning but it is the place to be. Each thing may have reason and logic but that does not mean that it is always understood. That is why, for many, the focal point is to be able to experience joy and to simply take pleasure in being.

To truly know, understand, and experience another person, you should become totally one with that person. This opens you up to their joy and pain, as well as to their limitation and expansion. The exchange of connective energies allows them a reciprocal experience with you. Loving each person as a part of you allows each and every union, connection or bond to be holy. The truly connected have no demands or expectations. They simply put forth love and support to all with whom they cross paths.

The ultimate change for the better can occur at any given moment. Yet people are still suffering and going through difficult challenges. The changes in our existence are moving at a very slow pace that has dragged them out over time. It is up to each individual to be fluid and allow him/herself to go with the flow. Meanwhile, think about what it is that blinds or blocks people so much. Think about what things people “buy into” that prevent them from making the transition.

You should not have any other gods in front of me (having other gods creates blindness for you in your connection with me) (Exodus 20:3). Being open not blinded by agenda or ego allowed all the people to see the (vibration of the) sound (Exodus 20:15)

Do not use the life force from me that sustains all existence to make gods of silver and gods of gold (Exodus 20:20). When you worship parts of the creation you cause me to give life and sustenance to that idol.

As the world sinks deeper into trouble, the cloak that covers it continues to fade. As that escalates, the life force in creation becomes more revealed. For many people it comes as a shock. It is not people’s plans and ideas that maintain the world. It is the Creator life force in all things that sustains the flow of everything. All the games and nonsense propagated by man do not better this existence. All existence is the will of the Creator.

As the Creator becomes more revealed to people so too does the need to have an open connection. Many who are lacking in this are begging for help. When this happens the true leaders of the future will come to the fore. Unlike today’s leaders, they will not suffer from ego or personal agenda.

The part within each person that is our real self gives us a purpose of being a conduit of Creator flow in this creation. There is flow on all levels; hence the element of water is the main component of our body.