Jew In The City: Making Orthodox Judaism look normal

A long time ago when I first going on You Tube, I saw a video about sheitles and what exactly the point of them are, it was done by this girl who calls herself Jew In The City. I recently started talking to her over Facebook about her blog and website which I think many my readers would enjoy.

She told me she is not trying to attract the BT crowd, although I think that is the crowd who is most likely to take an interest. She told me she wants the pre-BT’s and when she said that I started to wonder if she was hired secretly by Aish or some other Kiruv organization to bring people in or something. Whatever it is, she writes very well, it is all done with light humor. Her posts kind of remind me of Family Matters episodes, very funny with a lesson at the end – though its not as uncomfortable as those Danny Tanner lessons from Full House.

I was going to post one of her posts but decided you should just head on over and check out her stuff. Its funny and informative and can be enjoyed by all.

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This is one of the videos she made and they are all informative and funny