Youtube channel devoted to imitating Frum Satire

I was searching through you tube today for the term frum satire to see if anything new has been put up by other people and you can imagine my surprise when I found a series of videos devoted to making fun of me. They are quite funny and I don’t think I have been this honored since Nefesh B’Nefesh told me they would send me to Israel for free.

This guy is either making fun of me or imitating me, or both, I can’t really figure it out but its hilarious. The info basically says that he would rather be watching the real Frum Satire then this guy. First of all he does a very good imitation – complete with leg slapping, hand motions and jumping up and down.

The material is actually pretty good as well, I was laughing but maybe because he is a true copycat and made me feel really good about myself. Here is Kempmill’s channel of videos imitating me. And below is one of the videos featured in a series of 5 videos devoted to me.