Lubavitchers have their own way of playing Jewish geography

Lubavitchers have a completely different set of rules when it comes to Jewish geography then the rest of the Jewish community does. This is simply because they are everywhere and everyone is related to someone, which makes Lubavitcher Jewish geography less fun in many ways.

For instance by saying which town or area of a city you are from, most Lubavitchers will know the local shliach, this is not as fun as finding out the person you are having shabbos lunch with was your third grade teachers grandson. Lubavitcher geography is almost too predictable.

Just because you know your local shliach doesn’t make you cool, then of course you will probably know their cousins from Morristown who come to visit every succos and those friends from yeshiva in Australia that show up for one weekend in the summer – but its not as random as us folks playing it.

Lubavitchers do have something different then us snags, they have relative geography. If you know one Lubavitcher, I can almost guarantee you will meet their relative at some point. Since everyone knows everyone and everyone is related its always interesting to see who is related to whom when you drop names. I have gotten to stay at many a chabad house due to the fact that my cousin Yisroel Fried a shliach on the upper west side, married into a large British chabad family who had a bunch of daughters that married shlichim elsewhere, since they have tons of relatives I drop that name and I am in. Simply dropping your local shliachs name doesn’t work unless you get them to call up and say some nice words. Don’t forget to give a donation.