Parshas Beshalach

Beshalach – Going

Into what is coming we go. The cracks are widening, the waters behind are raging and the steam is coming forth. All that is before the hand of the shadow crashes and lands in the obvious and inescapable reality of this creation. It will once again take the mighty and outstretched hand of the Creator to keep the survivors protected on dry land or afloat.

Those souls that have an open and direct connection will come through followed by others that are attached to them. The physical world will remain as fears dissipate and the future world becomes a wonderful blend of the physical with spiritual.

The following is a traditional translation of Exodus 13:17 combining other meanings of the words: And it happened with Pharaoh (the king, punisher, interferer, plagued, revealed, tax master, creator of blockages) sending the people (in addition to the Jews who were leaving anyway) away (thus a spirit of Pharaoh also went with them), and Elohim (God – power of boundaries, judgment and affliction) did not lead (direct/send/comfort) them the way of the land (manner of conduct) of the Philistines (people who have no boundaries), because it is close (to them to be rid of all limitations), for Elohim said, “Maybe the people will reconsider when they see war (the challenges ahead) and they will return to Egypt (the limited structures).”

How easy it is, for people to imagine the fulfillment of their aspirations and desires of the future without knowing the exact resulting consequences. Before proclaiming one’s faith there is a responsibility to base decisions on truth, not on hope. Only by placing oneself in a space where absolute truth reigns (not the various truths that people create for themselves) is one free to let go, knowing that what the future portends is part of a universal order that is presently beyond us.

Although the power of YHVH took the Jews out of Egypt many people could not comprehend or relate to that which is without form and shape. To them Pharaoh, who was the God of Egypt, was releasing them. The same is true today. The power that is moving the change is beyond definition. This is confusing too many people. They have a need to have a definition for a savior.

The shift has happened slowly over time, causing people to become impatient. They choose to identify the source of their rescue in human form or definition. Assigning responsibility to a ‘chosen human god,’ temporarily solves the problem of waiting for the true appointed time of ‘salvation’.

Yet movement towards the future is not dependant on us. It persists even if we are silent. Today’s impossibility becomes tomorrow’s reality. This occurs as awareness of our individual internal power grows with each moment. Ultimately the corrupt people will become more afraid as they are forced to face the public and fight in order to attempt to retain their power.

What we see going on in the world today are symptoms that portend much deeper problems. Those issues will need to become more revealed in order to signal and allow true change for the better. Although there are many who are aware, they are (relatively speaking) small in number. Their continuing growth will generate strength that will be called upon at the proper time.

If you ask what it is that you can do? Create a protective space, for yourself and your loved ones, both physically and spiritually. Establish ties with as many people as you can in order to establish groups that can work together as a collective group. Keep a focus on yourself and your connection with the source of all existence every day.

The strong inner connection assures us of our place as we prepare and wait. When the true power that drives the universe reveals itself – we will be ready. At that time we will be able to direct and guide others with love and devotion. There are multitudes of people that do not yet know that they are waiting for that.

In the meantime, be a light to those who would otherwise go down the path that is lined only with deception and falsehood. Glib words cannot gloss over troubles just as empty promises cannot prevent disasters. Most of all, planting one’s hopes on false notions will only lead to shattered spirits that may well falter and fail in their personal moves towards future recovery.

Each generation has its challenges. We also do. The generation needed will not be one that creates more challenges. Instead it will be the generation that brings internal balance back into this world while the other energies sort themselves out. There are many individuals on earth who desire this and will be part of it. There is a group that connects to beyond the physical and spiritual realities of this life. Keeping that flow open allows the Creator to use us to restore the world to a place of balance not experienced for a long time