Parshas Bo devar torah

Bo – Coming

Self-growth, maturation and learning how to balance with one’s own heart and soul is a journey. This ongoing introspective process complicates the already difficult challenge of conducting relationships with people and relating to the ever-changing world.

People’s hearts sink when the changes that are taking place are not those that they have anticipated. Recent worldwide events are transforming change into a whirlwind cyclone occurring at an alarming pace and breadth of impact. This escalating trend is negatively impacting upon a growing majority of individuals; thereby hurting them and causing immense worry and concern. This consistent unrest and negative energy flow acts to compound the difficulties, which thrive and multiply exponentially.

Those that believe in God or a higher power do feel connected with a source of possible relief. However, for the most part, even they feel like they are walking across a rope suspended over a deep canyon or raging waters.

Come to Pharaoh for I have made his heart hard and the hearts of his servants in order to spread these wonders of mine within him (Exodus 10:1). The Hebrew word Hichbudeti translates as: ‘I have hardened.’ It also means the liver, or cleansed. This can read as; ‘I brought his heart down to his liver.’ Thus he (Pharaoh) is worrying because I have cleaned out his insides and there is nothing left within. Once that happened, Moses was told that he could proceed, as he had nothing to worry about.

The same is true in today’s general society. The fundamentals and internal workings have been gutted, leaving it to exist only in an external manner. Thus the individuals who are guided to assist others to connect from within and support people in their journey have nothing to worry about.

“L’maan T’saper” – In order to tell the story. (Exodus 10:2). The Hebrew word saper also means; a barber, a sapphire, transparency and counting. Therefore it follows that only when you are complete and able to achieve peace and balance within yourself, can you have the proper settings that enable you to speak and guide future generations.

Most of the people in Egypt were impervious to the plight of their brothers. They were too busy worrying about their own issues. Self-absorption isolates individuals from the rest of society. In contrast, those who are open are given the light that illuminates their proper path and serves the needs of the world community.

Renewal is an important option in life. The same is true of respect, honor, love, etc. They are all tools for society, yet are not to be worshipped as Gods. When we worship the tools we live in blindness. This renders us unable to see what otherwise is obvious to a person that is not blind in that way.

Why not just take away the stone heart from people? Pain would then not be needed to be part of life’s journey! Belief in a power that is beyond comprehension seems to make most sense.

The process of raw experience serves as the quintessential teacher. It often takes a jarring experience to allow an individual to receive guidance.

We can share love despite having gone through hurt and its consequences. “Coming home” for a person can entail a strange journey. However, getting there brings with it all the elements that a person needs, i.e. serenity, peace, love, belonging, letting go of all unnecessary issues, etc.

Sometimes the miracle is revealed to a person in the way he/she views something in the physical. Developing one’s ability to see the Creator life force in everything is one way to be open to seeing that which is beyond definition. However no matter in which way a person opens up – truth in revelation is universal, not subject to change – and is the only thing capable of sustaining our future.