Judging BT’s by their email address or screen name

Why do converts and BT’s make the craziest email addresses?

I have been pondering this after realizing that many BT’s have names like Tzadik and Tzadakis along with Hashems Little Girl or Aspiring Frummy/shadchun.

What’s the deal? I wonder if they are trying to purge themselves of anything secular that attaches them to their old lives. Is this what they teach you in those programs that pay you to come to Israel and be brainwashed. I stay away from people with flaming BT email addresses.

Many Chabad BT’s will add 770, rebbe, moshiach, baalshem or something else to their name. Everyone else can add 613 and the word mitzvah or Torah. For converts ben/bas Avraham has been popular. For people not so willing to let go adding their English and Hebrew names together with something really frummy is all the rage.

Whats the craziest BT email address or screen name you ever saw?