Battle of the Teas: Wissotzky vs. Celestial Seasonings

I have noticed Wissotzky tea have been monopolizing the shabbos table market with their wooden box of boring flavors. I think that the wooden box is a great gift but lets face it Wissotzky tea is like Haagen Daaz and Celestial Seasonings is like Ben and Jerrys.

The flavors of Wissotsky tea are just plain old boring, earl gray, green, peppermint, berry, come on people that is so 1920. Celestial Seasonings have way better flavors, almond sunset, Madagascar vanilla red, sweet coconut chai, honey vanilla chamomile, and the list goes on.

But the real reason that Celestial seasonings kicks butt in the tea bag (enter sick joke here) department is because of their packaging. By far the most interesting package to read of any product including cereal boxes and organic food companies with stories of how they started up on the packaging are the little boxes of tea bags from Celestial Seasonings.

You will notice that there is poetry, stories and all sorts of cool stuff to read on the boxes. Plus there are quotes and cool pictures most notably the bears on sleepy time boxes.

Don’t even get me started on so called “medicinal teas” my buddy pays upwards of $10 a box for tea which claims to have supernatural powers to make women grow extra hair under their armpits and make men smell of patchouli.

Then you have organic teas like Tazo, I won’t get into it, but it seems like organic tea is just a great way to make money off of people convinced that organic tea is going to save the planet from global warming and help people live longer.