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Heshy Fried, my real name is my new Facebook account – my old one was deleted – now I can really see who my groupies are. You can also join my Facebook club for up to date news about upcoming shows and such.

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Upcoming shows

I am going to be preforming in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night February 28th 8:30 pmat the Green Road Synagogue 2437 South Green road Beechwood Ohio, 44122. The show is part of an annual comedy night fund raiser for the Torah Umitzyon Kollel. Since it is a fund raiser I assume its tzedaka – the show is $25 at the door ($20 in advance)and will include a milchig dinner – wow at least I get some free food.

Working on two other upcoming shows as we speak – if anyone could put me on stage with a mic in the NYC area on February 20-21 I will be in town and I would love to preform.

I am moving again

I am moving to Denver next week mostly due to cost, but also because the original plan was to move to Colorado. I love the Jewish community of Dallas but its time to go especially since I have to be away for several weeks and my buddy in Denver wouldn’t charge rent for storage. I have some good fans in Denver and hope to be collaborating with them on various projects including a live podcast and possibly a TV or radio show.

Seeking advertisers

You may have noticed the advertisers on the right sidebar – I am working on getting more advertisers so I may concentrate more on the blog and not have to worry where my next rent payment will come from. Please contact me for more information. Or if you know of anyone who would want to advertise with me I would love ya.

A word from the people who help me feed myself:

Thanks to Bender Creative who designed the badges and who has a very pimpin website to prove that they do good work – need some professional design – contact Bender Creative.

I know purim is over a month away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan on sending a gift basket to your friends/relatives in Israel. Bar Mitzvah or wedding you cannot attend, send a gift basket and save $1100 on airfare. The Kosher basket can hook you up with sending gift baskets to anyone you would like – check out their student specials. You have to admit it – if they are fans of frum satire its another reason to support them.

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Want to do a kosher google search without coming up with porn? I know I don’t! But maybe you do, maybe your a tzedak and can’t stand the pritzus that google search engine algorithms force you to see. If so head over to and use the Torah Topics search engine.

Do you want to be a guest writer?

I am always looking for guest writers, if you would like to write something funny for posting here – please email me. I am also looking for some specific type of pieces of parts of pieces to be written. The following posts have been brewing in my head for some time but I simply don’t have enough personal experience to write about the following:

Here are just some ideas:

I want to do a compilation post on awkward moments for BT’s and Ger’s

Stereotyping different groups of sephardim Syrians vs. Bucharians vs. Moroccans etc…

Advertising slogans for different seminaries and yeshivas in Israel

Rudest things people have done/said at your shabbos table

Stereotyping different chassidishe sects

Funny shidduch date stories

Want to write something for Frum Satire? Have an idea for a post or video? Want to hook me up with your hot sister/daughter/mother? All feedback should be sent to