Ever daven one thing and end up in another?

Gotta love google images – I know it has nothing to do with the post but its funny

For some reason on a daily basis my mind wanders so much during davening that I end up starting one prayer and ending up in another – its gotten to a very critical point. The point that no matter how much I look into the siddur when davening I still end up in a completely foreign part of davening due mostly to similar words or am I just nuts?

This also happens when the siddur I am using has long unbroken paragraphs that make me space out.

The prayers I start and the prayers I end up in:

Ahava Raba always ends up in mekabetz nidchay amo yisroel (shmona esray bracha)

During Hodu I always wind up in yehi chavod

During hallel I also wind up in yehi chavod for obvious reasons

Baruch sheoma gets mixed up with yishtabach

Uva letzeyon gets plain old mixed up because it changes from Aramaic to regular and I always get lost unless the siddur breaks up the paragraphs.

Somewhere in hamayir la’aretz I end up in velamalshinim – that one gets me totally weirded out every time.

Does this happen to you or am I the only one?

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