Passaic Bans Bat Mitzvahs

I have always wondered why the Chumra Patrol or Tznius Police never took on bat mitzvahs or shall I say bas mitzvahs. They are a form of unneeded celebration, and they allow women to have fun – and we all know that fun is untznius.

Well a fan from Passaic tells me that the local Bais Yaakov has essentially banned bat mitzvah parties. They haven’t banned them all the way, they just banned any of the girls from attending their classmates parties – relatives and family members are still allowed to attend, but thats like saying your fiance can come to your bachelor party.

Can someone please show me a 12 year old girl that would throw a party and not invite their friends?

Apparently some of the parties have gotten out of control – very ambiguous if you ask me – that could mean multiple things, in fact I have come up with a list.

Reasons to ban bat miztvah parties:

Just the name Bat is not frum it should say “bas”

There is no chiyuv to have a bat mitzvah and therefore it is bitul z’man

Guys were showing up at the parties (oh wait its the brother and her dad)

Naked pillow fights

I hear that KY jelly wrestling is big at Passaic Bat Mitzvahs and that is clearly untznius

Wait, are you saying that women were actually having fun – we teach a life of cooking, cleaning, and baby rearing for a reason (no fun for you)

First she wants a bat mitzvah then she wants to put on tefilin and a yarmulke – its just one step closer to feminism

What if they serve treife non-cholov yisroel products and some of the girls by accidentally eat it? That is a crisis in itself – forget about ruin the shidduch prospects

If they are partying at 12 what will they be doing at 19 when its time to have kids?

Passaic is known for its dearth of sociable activities and rumor has it that bat mitzvah parties were being crashed by the off the derech/yeshiva rebel crowd.

Dude did you hear about the Katz bat mitzvah tonight?

Yeh I hear the whole 7th grade bais yaakov class will be there.

What could be other reasons for banning of bat miztvahs?