What is the frum way to say you are going to the bathroom?

What terms do frum people use to say they are going to the bathroom?

Do they use any terms at all?

Do they just use the classic #1or #2?

They surely don’t use terms like taking a piss or dump (probably the most common language for this use)

Do you bring it down to the kid level and say “you need to make” or what about doody, kakky, pishy – where on earth did the word Kakky or Kakka as my old man used to call it – come from anyway?

My friend uses two words to describe his bathroom going needs which I find hilarious: For #1 he says he is going B’Kyos and for #2 he says he is going B’Iyun.

Other frummy terms or hints to describe bathroom usage:

Man that cholent is passing right through me

Wow I drank a lot at kiddush

I never eat vegetables, now I know why

I’m gonna be shtieging for a while

I sure hope I don’t miss the haftorah

I need to drain the lizard

Let some challah rolls loose

I to take a Chreft

I’m prairie dogging

I need to grab some real tissues, those bathroom ones have no absorption

Women have it so much better all they have to say is that they are using the ladies or the little girls room!

Anymore you can come up with?