Parshas Vaera devar torah

Yosef Serebryanski

Vaero – Appearances

Nature has balances. Balance is subject to change and changes all have their balance. New changes bring on new balances. How each person translates appearances and revelations depends upon where they are situated within the universe.

In the future we will live together as one on all levels and not have any of the needs that plague society today. Each one of us we will be permanently open to the entire universe. The various universal parts will communicate to us internally. Thus there will be no need to ask one another for information.

Meanwhile, before the transition is complete, there is a need for those who are blessed with wealth to share it with others. Those who are lacking must also be open to receiving. Each person has blessings that have precise design and purpose. It is up to all of us to recognize those special skills and gifts, whether material or spiritual, and to put them to the use for which they are truly intended.

The word Egypt in Hebrew – Mitzrayim -represents people being made into slaves by living in a prison. It was the act of bringing together spiritual and physical forces that gave them power. Yet it also kept various people separate in their own groups. For many years the system worked for them. However, eventually it caught up with them and they were devastated by the plagues that God brought upon them through the power of nature.

And I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with the name El Shadai and my name YHVH was not known to them (Exodus 6:3). It was revealed to Moses and with the Torah given through him. This means that the fathers had a connection that did not include the commandments of the Torah. Yet they had a soul connection that was unique in their time and directly affecting all future generations.

The Hebrew word Voera (appear) can be read in past or present tense. Thus it refers to the fact that this type of revelation applies to any and all persons in any time period. This is why, in all generations, people feel a connection with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is because of what the fathers represent in each person, which is reflective of the individual revelation and connection to the Creator within each person.

El means power and Shadai means sufficient, or bosom (Genesis 49:25). This indicates revealing the blessings in a person through emotions and feelings, which reflects the love that is revealed in the heart through birth. When instituted with humbleness, this progression creates a happy and joyful heart with all the good in creation.

And God strengthened the heart of Pharaoh and did not send the children of Israel as God had spoken through the hand of Moses (Exodus 9:35). All the religions and holy people together in all generations have not yet released the world from its pain and destruction. They come together yet remain separate. All this allows a person to look and say there is something that we have not addressed or that our perceptions are tied into specific DNA that do not allow the world true balanced freedom.

People with proper intentions go through the pain that life brings them. It causes questions and blockages that delay greater change. When people live in their dreams, it often prolongs getting to the future as the dream only continues. Our expectations of the future free us only when they actualize. Ultimately, we will all live together with open hearts. That is a uniting force that we can all be involved in bringing about.