Yeshiva Memories: The girls sunbathing across the street

As with any young and horny yeshiva bochur girls were a central part of yeshiva life. We talked about them, lied about getting some over out shabbosim and liked to look at them. On the other hand most of my yeshiva education was devoted to trying to get us to do the opposite. They would force feed us mussar on a daily basis about the evils of women, masturbation and anything else that seemed like it was something we wanted out of our adolescent years – although the Rabbis told us we didn’t want the heartache associated with girls, we didn’t believe them.

What I never understood about my rebbeim and their anti girl rhetoric was that they were the ones that decided to buy an old hospital building smack in the center of the coolest and hippest neighborhood in Rochester. The place was crawling with girls and a simple walk down the block gave us more eye candy than we knew what to do with.

During my third year of high school an interesting thing happened, the house directly across the street from my room had a flat roof and some beautiful ladies started to sunbathe out on it every day. You can imagine what happened after this. Those girls knew we were all watching them, kind of sucked that I couldn’t see and would later learn I needed glasses for objects far away. But with binoculars they were right there, those glistening bodies slathered with sun tan lotion and putting on a show for all the boys in yeshiva to see.

It took the Rosh Yeshiva a little while to realize that at exactly 11:45 am these two girls would lie down almost naked right in front of the yeshiva. I think he figured it out because his shiur room was right across the street from the action and I am sure some of the guys started looking like dogs in heat (this one rabbi used to explain guys who look at girls like dogs in heat) – he was absolutely right.

Suddenly there were shades in the shiur room, he never did figure out that kids utilized the unused ancient shas sets for porn hiding spots. But shades was a first considering that in my first year of yeshiva I had to find shades for my room in the garbage.

When I had that room directly across the street from these two girls, I used to sleep during that time until I woke up one day and found 10 guys using all sorts of methods to film and stare at these girls. Binoculars, telephoto lenses, borrowing each others glasses and the regular old squinting method were all tried. I just didn’t want any cream the cookie games going on in my room and I used to have to kick them out all the time.

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