Are you excited about Obama?

I am super excited about Obama, (based on that pic I would say Israelis must be pumped as well) I know that is not really the thing to say on a frum blog, after all frum and Obama don’t really go together unless I throw in some racial epithets and some talk about how we are all going to realize how great a president Mr. Bush was and how we all made a big mistake by voting for Obama.

Well I am pumped and a proud Obama supporter (mostly because he’s black and promised to give me free health insurance- although I am buying some new guns – because we gun owners are going to be screwed), I wonder how many people will never speak to me again now that I am out of the “frum Obama supporter” closet.

I am also very surprised to see that there were hardly any racist and hateful status updates on Facebook today. I was expecting a storm of hate filled messages calling for tehillim and all that jazz.

Now once again I wonder if Obama does a good job if people will actually acknowledge it? Or find some way to attribute it to Bush?