Kiddush Levana Rant

So last week I’m looking like an idiot on some random street in Dallas, doing my part to bless the moon – I haven’t even finished the first little part where you have to say all this stuff 3 times and people are already done or saying shalom alechim to each other. I’m scared that I wont be able to do the shalom alechim part which to me seems like the most important park of the whole prayer – so I do what anyone who wants to catch up in davening does. I skip it and go right to the shalom alechim part.

What’s the deal? Are people really able to say all that stuff that fast? I could never keep up with people – if I don’t do the shalom alechim stuff is my prayer counted? It always freaks me out that my prayers wont be counted – I don’t really have kavannah as it is, but to discount it for something else puts horrid images in my head.

Heres a short video rant I did on the subject: