Are these shidduch stories just urban legends?

I was hanging out with some of the local yeshiva guys tonight and they were talking about “famous” shidduch stories, the ones that many of us have heard and that are mentioned on blogs, in books like the art of the date and whenever someone wants to show that some people can be a little extreme. So I bring to you urban legends in the shidduch world – and I want you folks to tell me which ones are correct, some of these are just random halachos that people like to spew ever so often and some of them are stories that I have heard countless times.

I almost feel that dating stories are like Baal Shem Tov stories, if you believe them you are a fool and if you don’t believe them you are an apikores.

Urban legends of the shidduch world

These two people were on a date and they were stopped at a red light, the girl put the car in park and took out the keys. When the guy asked her what the hell she was doing, she answered that she was testing to see his temper and that he had passed. He told her thats great but she failed.

There was this BJJ girl on a date with a guy and halfway through the date she stopped talking. The guy just kept on going until he realized that she had stopped talking, kind of like anti-lock brakes take a while to kick in. He asked her what was up and she told him that halfway through the date she realized he wasn’t shayich for her and she felt that there was no heter for her to talk to a guy if it wasn’t going to work out.

I hear that there have been cases of really frum guys asking their dates not to put on seat belts due to the fact it clearly enhances the girls chest area, and that is clearly untznius.

This guy and girl were walking down the street, the girl stepped into oncoming traffic and her date saved her life by pulling her out of traffic. You guess what happened, she turned him down for a second date because he touched her (that was in the art of the date) but I have heard it from other people.

When really yeshivish people go to hotels for dates they take separate elevators. Sounds kind of awkward to me, especially in places like the midtown Marriott, I mean the elevators are glass so any assur moves will be broadcast to the entire times square.

Are these stories just flaming falsehoods spread by people who write into the Yated readers write? Or are they true? Do you know any other versions?

Do you have any other interesting shidduch urban legends?

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